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It states the following:. Soliciting abortion; punishment; exception A woman who solicits from any person any medicine, drug or substance whatever, and takes it, or who submits to an operation, or to the use of any means whatever, with intent thereby to procure a miscarriage, unless it is necessary to preserve her life, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not less than one nor more than five years. Our Democratic Candidates are craving your vote right now, like really craving it.

So glad you asked!

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Independent Voters can specify which ballot they want to vote on without changing their party. For example, any Independent can go to their polling place and ask for a Democratic ballot, vote the Democratic ballot, and remain an Independent. Nothing on their registration changes. Always remember to bring valid ID. Holy hell, there are a lot of crazy primaries going on right now. I was talking to a lovely mom last week about the drama in one of the LDs, and she told me who she liked and how she hoped her candidate would win one of the House seats. ME : nodding Yeah, I love her, too… You can always give her a single shot.

And then there was that time when I was meeting with a candidate who said she knew about the single shot strategy but never understood how it worked… ARGH! The single shot strategy works because it adds a vote to the candidate you like without adding a vote to another candidate. Because there are two seats, each voter has UP TO two votes.

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There are three voters, holding up to six votes total. The candidates are Smith, Jones, and Doe. Total votes: 5 Winners: Smith and Jones. The single shot made all the difference. If you know what it is, feel free to tell me. Now, multiply that by the numbers of actual voters, say 90, voters for the whole district and UP TO , votes. You get something like this:. Total votes: , Winners: Smith and Jones. It was hot and sweaty, oppressive for this used-to-the-dry-heat Arizona native, but being there, in the City of Brotherly Love, staying at a hotel within walking distance of Independence Hall, living and breathing in the birthplace of the nation during the week the first woman of a major political party became a Presidential nominee… That was magic.

That was energizing. That was mind blowing. For a few days, that was a whole lotta people living in a bubble where logic and reason prevailed, and a steady hand and temperament took center stage. It was a world where strangers were friends, Delegates were celebrities, and everyone wanted to be us. We were all smiles all the time. She was a Hillary delegate from New Mexico.

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  5. We got to talking while waiting for the train, on our way to the convention. I want you to know there was a man I met on the train who thanked me for being an active Democrat in a state like Arizona.

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    8. Our Arizona political superstars were hobnobbing with us. Like Councilman Daniel Valenzuela, always with a smile and a kind word. I sat on the convention floor with Representative Charlene Fernandez, an amazing force whose super power is balancing strength and kindness. She sat in rapt attention, absorbing every word in every speech, and chair dancing to every song. I sat with Senator Katie Hobbs, whose enthusiasm and excitement for Hillary were palpable.

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      She was on fire, full of energy and pride to be a part of this movement. And then there was the brief time Gabby Giffords came to stand with Arizona. It was so good to see her. Then there was the Bernie supporter who was an acquaintance. There were a few delegates who tried to foment rebellion, and we heard that some delegates staged a walk out. But all I saw were the speakers, all I heard was the incredible flow of words coming from the stage.

      Such poetry and eloquence. I witnessed it all. I was there when Michelle Obama wowed us with her words.

      I was there when Khizr Khan pulled the Constitution out of his pocket and waved it in the air. I was there when Hillary was nominated and we saw the glass ceiling break. We were overcome with emotion, grasping hands, and crying and smiling through our tears. You see, the Democratic National Convention brought us together.

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      The convention was balm for our souls, and we were done fighting because we had an election to win. I was lucky to be a part of something big, and I was ready to get to work. Help Support Center. Form Center Find List of all sample forms and documents. Back to Main Menu.

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