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VideoStudio Pro X4 adds a new stop-motion video feature Pinnacle Studio added the feature in its previous version. You can set either app to capture still shots every time you click a button, but VideoStudio also lets you set it to take shots automatically at a regular interval so you can create a movie of a sunset, for example.

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The function works simply and well with both applications, though they limit control over the resulting video once it gets into the timeline. Pinnacle Studio's interface is a bit more flexible than in past versions--you can expand the size of the monitor window and the timeline now--but VideoStudio Pro X4's newly updated interface is far more usable, because you can expand window sizes nearly as much as you want, arrange them wherever you want, and easily dock them; you can save custom layouts, too.

Regrettably, both applications treat keyframing the ability to set points at which effects start or stop, and at what intensity as afterthoughts--and they are so important to video editing that they really shouldn't be. Both require that you work with keyframes in a dialog box with small preview windows, and you can't control how effects accelerate or decelerate as you can with Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and most higher-end apps.

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Either is probably sufficient for very simple projects--but I'd argue that, if your goal is to get your video online quickly, you won't want to edit at all. And if you want to build the classic, nine-box Brady Bunch opener? Neither one of these can do the job. Both apps have new project archiving features you can use to copy all the pieces of a project at once so you can use it on a second machine, and they work quickly and simply, though neither of the copies rendered preview files.

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Pinnacle Studio's user license, however, says that you can install the program on only one computer--so legally, to take advantage of the feature, you seemingly must purchase second copy of the software. However, when I asked Avid about it, a representative said that, "For personal use, installation on two computers is accepted.

Corel hadn't released its latest "accelerator patches" for Sandy Bridge CPUs due to Intel's recent problems with them, so I could not test its claims. Both applications seemed very stable--much more stable than some of the versions I've tested in past years--but VideoStudio Pro X4's interface and general operation seemed snappier than Pinnacle Studio's.

Of these two video editors, Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 has a slight edge because of a few extra features and some slightly better-implemented ones. But If you were to ask me which inexpensive video editor I'd recommend, I'd still say Adobe Premiere Elements 9, mainly because it has the powerful keyframing capabilities that both of these applications eschew. Not much new to YouTube home about, but Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate is a reasonable option for less-hardcore video editing operations. Getting creative with emails, using quality, educational and entertaining content along with attractive deals have been the strategy to increase the amount of opens, clicks and conversions.

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With promise of ultra-high open rates and click rates, it was worth a shot. We have been using Messenger to engage one on one with customers to help them find the right product or learn more about the health and fitness world we serve. We are very willing to share our expertise with potential customers and ultimately get them to be associated with our brand.

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