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It all depends on the chore and the child ren in question.

Let’s Jump Right into our first Chore System

If you have multiple children, you might even be able to turn it into a competition between them. Who can unpack and correctly put away the groceries bags the quickest? Who cleans the floors the best? Just be sure praise and reward everyone who participates. Maybe the winner gets a prize, maybe they just get bragging rights.

Either way, when children help with chores, everyone is a winner. Lead by example — When you have to do chores, do you mope and wine or do you get up and get going?

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So set the right example if you want your kids to follow. Offer rewards — While you want your kids to learn the importance of doing chores because that need to be done, you can still motivate them by offering small rewards. It could be a prize box, a monetary allowance, a treat or dessert, or even time with you as compensation for doing their chores. We have a few f ree chore charts for kids where they can check off their daily chores.

At the end of the week you can reward them with a prize or special event, or you can just give them lots and lots of praise. Do them together — Kids love to spend time with their parents, despite what you may think. You can help them get excited about chore time if you jump in and do it together.

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You can talk, sing along to your favorite songs or otherwise enjoy a good time while getting some of the housework done. It will become a time you both look forward to. Give them more challenges — Sometimes you need to up the ante. Making the chore more challenging can get your kids excited about doing them. Kids of all ages like to be challenged. It keeps them motivated and it shows you trust them enough to give them more difficult things to do. Give them chore coupons — You can create a chore card or coupon that you punch out whenever your child does chores.

When they get their card filled, they can turn it in for a prize. There are several variations of this so you can personalize it and make it your own but the idea is the same.

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The kids fill like they are working toward a tangible goal and this is good motivation. So what do you think of the list? Will you try some of these will your kids? Did it conjure up some ideas of your own that you can use to help your kids get excited about their next chore session? Use this list as motivation and then find what works best for your own family.

Free printable chore charts for kids. I'm Ruth, the main writer here at Viva Veltoro. We have these heart containers from years ago and I have been trying to think of what to put in them besides candy and coins.

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They are pretty small, and these are just perfect. I can fit a book, an outing, anything on these. Thanks for all you do! These are really sweet! I look forward to when my son is old enough to understand this concept. It is definitely the way to go. I am excited about this. We have had such a HARSH winter so I printed winter activities on the purple ones and spring activities on the green ones. My girl is struggling between the little kid and big kid zone and so these will work out great. I can give her 20 min. Thank you for making this easy to be a better mom.

Thank you!!! These are just what I was looking for! Perfect for replacing some of the candy inside the Easter eggs!

Summer systems for chores, screens, allowance + more! FREE PRINTABLES!

I print these out often, to replace the envelopes when they run out. My kids love them and I appreciate them and the time we get together, all by ourselves. Thank you a million for this coupon idea!!!

Reward Suggestions For Kids – A Guide for Parents

Looking for a reward that gives students a choice, and this will work perfectly! Thank you so much. They are a free printable, which is a total bonus. I also was pumped that they are easily […].

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